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    In this neighbourhood, the little things count. From its historical roots in London’s fabrics trade, the artistry of handmade wares has long been celebrated, and continues to thrive. We meet the twenty-first century tradesmen and women still taking the time to master a craft.

    Artisans of Fitzrovia

    J.P. Guivier & Co
    Musical instrument restorer
    99 Mortimer Street

    Robin Hamilton has been playing, mending and crafting exotic breeds of stringed instruments for decades. Having learned the violin aged eight, he now repairs their modern-day counterparts as the Head of Workshop and Restoration at J.P. Guivier & Co. Originally established in 1863, the company has risen to become one of the most respected violin dealers and restorers in the UK, with Hamilton at the helm for nearly forty years. Now based in Fitzrovia’s Mortimer Street, it serves a musical community that ranges from beginners and adult amateurs to young prodigies and professional soloists. Alongside the sale and valuation of stringed instruments, their workshop offers set-ups, small-scale repairs, and the full restoration of violins, violas, cellos and fine bows.



    Taylors Buttons
    22 Cleveland Street

    Press the buzzer outside the charming Victorian townhouse at 22 Cleveland Street, and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by wall-to-wall boxes piled high with the most delicate buttons, zippers, poppers and fabrics – all belonging to Mrs Maureen Rose. The formidable gentlewoman works in this room every day from 11am to 4pm, quietly hand-stitching and embroidering customised fabrics around intricate buttons for one-of-a-kind adornments. Mrs Rose has been making buttons for almost fifty years, and at the helm of Taylors for over a decade, during which she has supplied buttons for the regalia of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cornwall and Margaret Thatcher (“while she was in office”).



    Black Sheep Coffee
    Independent coffee house
    63 Charlotte Street
    5-7 Goodge Street

    Black Sheep co-founders Eirik Holth and Gabriel Shohet have always put more care into their morning brew than most. In their student accommodation at the University of St Andrews, the bracing scents of freshly-ground coffee would regularly waft down the halls: “We were known as the coffee flat,” recalls Holth, who now lives near the Black Sheep café in Fitzrovia. “We were experimenting with different beans and blends all the time, even as teenagers.” After graduating, the friends moved to New York and Milan to pursue corporate careers. But they couldn’t escape their caffeine fix: a few years later, over a cross-continental Skype call, they agreed to quit their jobs and head to London to start up their own business. Thus Black Sheep’s motto to this day: “Leave The Herd Behind.”